Business Of Home, September 19th, 2018: "Does Mentorship Still Matter?"

"The most insightful career guru could very well be sitting next to you, in the trenches at work or at a dinner party. 'Mentors are the people that are critical and inspirational at the same time, whether or not they're industry-related,' says designer Richard Mishaan. 'My friend Manolo Valdes, an influential painter and sculptor from Spain, came into my offices one day and said, 'Are you an accountant?' I said, 'You know I'm not.' 'Well, your office looks like you are. I would never be walking in here. You should have a space that, when you walk in, blows your mind.' That conversation changed my entire life. Now, the office is the perfect example of the quality craftsmanship we can execute and use in your room.'"

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