Wall Street Journal, August 7th 2018: "Should You Decorate a Guest Room with Twin Beds?"

For reasons both aesthetic and practical, a fair number of decorators prefer twin beds in a room set up for sojourning friends and family. New York designer Richard Mishaan finds twins (also known as "singles") visually "less cumbersome" than a queen or king, thanks to the way they create a space between them. "It's the Japanese philosophy of Ma," he said, "the absence of something that gives you perfect balance." Though Mr. Mishaan sometimes joins the mattresses into a king for consenting adults, even platonic friends can bunk up twins without worry, which makes them a go-to for Perry, Ga., designer James Farmer. "Two men can share the room in a heartbeat, and that's two extra to fill out the golf game," he said. Twins just offer the greatest number of possibilities, added Mr. Mishaan. "It's endless."


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