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Long Island Pulse August 2017: "Color Theory"

"Richard Mishaan and Johnathan Adler are at the top of their game. Both designers enjoy homes on the East End and high-profile careers managed from headquarters in New York City. They both also share an unabashed love of color.

Discovering the bold patterns and world class art that Mishaan incorporates with his striking palette of sensational colors, you share his joy for the beautiful. His roots in South America give him the courage to break color rules of 'good' taste and explore the unexpected. To the Colombian-born Mishaan, 'Color is the single most important element to consider during the design process. It sets the tone for everything else in the room. You want color to be appropriate for the location and to reflect who will be living there.'

Working with clients in the Hamptons, he describe his method of selecting colors as intuitive: 'In one Southampton living room the apple green was inspired by the Ultrasuede dress the woman wore to our first meeting. It reflected her joy of life and her vibrant personality. When we combined it with the aqua blue, which mimics the water in front of the house, the effect was exhilarating.'"

Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan Design

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