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The New York Times, April 28, 2011: "Kips Bay Decorated, and Curated"

"As the designer Richard Mishaan put it: 'My job is to give context to people's collections, to find them commonality in disparity.' Mr. Mishaan had drawn the prize, the 40-foot living room once decorated by Sister Parish for Mr. Whitney. Or was is a booby prize?

Nodding at the florid gilded mirrors at one end, he said, 'At first I thought, 'Oh, no!' But you know what? Everyone has stuff. Everyone I work with has their collections. It doesn't matter what it is; giving it context is my task.'

Furthermore, he said, pointed out the dark blue Leleu dining table, the vintage Moroccan rug, the mercury glass mushrooms sprouting on the sideboard and the blown-glass tears sliding down grass cloth walls (pieces by Rob Wynne), 'All good things go together.'

Mr. Mishaan had done some of his art shopping at Other Criteria, the Gagosian emporium, with a quartet of Damien Hirst butterfly prints. He had also made his own artwork, printing photographs he had taken of significant architectural ceilings-- one by Tiepolo, for instance-- on canvas and mounting them in ornate gilded frames.

'I call those 'Guilty Pleasures,' he said.

On another wall were two rather stunning Abstract Expressionist paintings. It took him two weekends to paint those, he said. 'Nobody can understand what they are. They're like, Clifford Sills? Helen Frankenthaler? I'm like, Whatever you want them to be. It's more about the vibe it gives your room.'

The New York Times, April 28, 2011

Richard Mishaan Interior Design

Richard Mishaan

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